Proud World Nine Betking Heavy Heaven Chapter 4 The Secret of the Nine Tribulations 22Bet Sword

The extremely longing summoning Endorphina appeared again, and Chu Yang felt it carefully. Sure enough, within a short while, the dim Nine Tribulations Sword in the dantian sent out a strong summoning idea again… It seemed It’s the feeling of a starving baby, kicking its legs vigorously and crying for milk. Chu Yang sweated a little from the feeling in his heart. He really didn’t know how this outrageous feeling came about. As soon as the thoughts came into contact, the dim Nine Tribulations Sword Shadow showed a faint resistance and curiosity, like a baby looking at him with innocent eyes, with longing, strangeness, and expectation in the eyes… livescore Chu Yang There was a burst of affection in my heart for no reason, and I gently wrapped it with my own thoughts… This time, the sword shadow only slightly resisted, and then lifted his guard. Under the contact of his thoughts, Chu Yang also rumbled to understand how this thing came from Betking! This is not the Nine Tribulations Sword; to be precise, this is the sword soul of the Nine Tribulations Sword! Or the sword intent! It was when I used the move of destroying Parimatch that I stabbed the Nine Tribulations Sword into my heart, poured out my blood and blood, and inspired the sword soul. It is tantamount to inspiring the beginning of the biggest secret among the Nine Tribulations Betway Swords… And it is this inspired sword soul, somehow, that brought him back to his youthful days! The last move of the Nine Tribulations Sword was originally a taboo move. To die with the enemy, and to kill oneself first, and then to kill the enemy! Only with such a decisive mind can it be displayed! What Chu Yang didn’t know was that this was one of the mysteries of the Nine Tribulations Sword! The previous nine baccarat sword masters only practiced according to the path of sword cultivation;

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