Chapter 0412 [affiliate Seven Treasures Golden Bell]

Contents: Although Luo Xueer, Long Shaoguang, and some soldiers in the special service team who had no ability to participate in real madrid were not injured, and the masters who were closely related to Ling Feng were seriously injured, but after the old goblin was completely eradicated by the casino slot, Everyone is still very happy. As for serious injuries, as long as there is still one breath, even if one has just lost one’s breath, with Ling Da’s genius doctor around, it will definitely be a miracle of rejuvenation! However, in the process of treating everyone, Dr. Ling was exhausted almost every day. Even Yingying, Ouyang Lanlan, and Fan Yao’s Msports were seriously injured. Move back to the source and generate interest Dafa to help them recover. It’s just that Yingying was the most injured, but she still needs to rest for a while. Even if Lingfeng and Yingying’s inner qi have something in common, it can’t be recovered in a short time. Serious internal injuries to life are very different from extracutaneous Endorphina injuries. But everything is fine, although Luo Xueer hasn’t figured out the method to crack the Twelve Capitals Formation, but the soldiers of the special service team still have no problem dealing with the gang of demon cultivators from the Heaven Defying Sect. After cleaning up all the demon cultivators, the members of the special service group bid farewell to Doctor Ling and others, and returned to Betway with Ouyang Tian. It will not be heard by outsiders. What’s more, these news are not even known to some low-status demons. When cleaning up the Guanyue Mountain Villa, Master Ling would inevitably have to go to the trouble, because he had already checked with his third eye, and there were still some usable things in the old goblin’s place. the rest is right

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