Chapter 0384 [A trace of evil spirit! chelsa】

“Sister Ling, what’s going on?” Ling Feng said anxiously with a terrified expression in his heart, “My senior sister never leaves the house, how could she disappear?” I went shopping, but didn’t come when I waited, and didn’t come when I waited, so I dialed her cell phone, but I didn’t expect Chelsa to hear that the phone rang in her room.” Ling Feng calmed down a bit, thinking that it was impossible for the senior sister not to know her. On the way home, maybe something really went out, or it might be that the champions league met someone who needed help and treatment on the way. Although the senior sister’s skill has been sealed, but the general medical skills can still be used, at least with the people of this world. Compared with the livescore of traditional Chinese medicine, she is many times better than them. Another possibility is that the senior sister went to the medicinal material base in Zhushi Village. One is that the brothers have a good relationship with her, and they will miss her after a long time. Considering that BGaming is a company that Ms. Msports cares about her, it is reasonable to go to see the operating conditions of the medicinal material base. However, Ms. Msports has always been meticulous, so how could she not bring her mobile phone? As for the revenge seekers, Ling Feng thinks that Liverpool is unlikely. After all, this villa is very hidden. As long as the senior sister doesn’t go out, no one can find it. The demand is not high, and the general necessities of life are also sold in Spinmatic in the city across from the neighborhood. Ling Feng tried his best to keep calm, and called Jiang Zhong: “Jiang Zhong, is my senior sister poker medicinal materials?” Base? la liga” “Master, my uncle didn’t come.” Ling Feng hung up the phone, controlled his restlessness and said to Ding Ling, “Sister Ling, don’t go to work,

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