The World-Proud Immortal Physician Chapter 03Sportybet70 [Soul incarnation! Betway】

The evil power in Chen Xiaoman’s body has been cleared, and it is impossible for Chen Xiaoman to make any desperate moves to forcefully break through the Tao, so Ling Feng doesn’t have to worry about her being in danger at this point, the next poker is just the spirit of God fight. Chen Xiaoman woke up, and after Ling Feng sealed her path, he said calmly, “Paripesa, I have already eliminated the evil power in your body, and now I want to help you get rid of that wisp of god that has harmed you deeply, I hope you Can cooperate with me.” “I’m going to kill you!” Chen Xiaoman said in a stern voice, Endorphina “You are cruel and vicious!” “You are Uncle Chen’s son, and you have been a poor victim from beginning to end, Otherwise, I really don’t want to be this evil, don’t worry, I will return my skills to you,” Ling Feng took out a Qi Gathering Pill to reassure Chen Xiaoman, “Wait until I get rid of that wisp. After you become a god, your dantian and meridian will be repaired, and then you will be taught a set of methods of practicing luck. After you are familiar with the method of guiding you taught by me, you can use this Qi Gathering Pill to restore your skills , even higher than your previous realm, but the true energy in your body is not the previous evil skills, but the righteous way.” Chen Xiaoman was really in a state of unstoppable anger, if it wasn’t for the long-haired man in front of him Man, she won’t fall into this situation, and the Blood Wolf Empire won’t be in danger like never before! It’s all this damn evil! Chen Xiaoman was indeed very angry, but when she saw the golden energy-gathering pill, she was shocked again! What kind of existence is this long-haired man? Why does he always do such shocking things? Will he really give me the panacea? Then I still have a chance to return to the Empire! with this in mind,

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