Betking Immortal Doctor Champions League Chapter 0343 [Just kidding you, scum! 】

Sister Chu believed in Ling Feng’s brutal beating. One was because of Yang Ming and Wang Limin’s performance, and the other was Zhong Ziwen. Feng didn’t know enough about Bet9ja. Sister Chu knew that Ling Feng was capable. Not only did he have superb medical skills and kung fu, but he also knew magic tricks such as magic and invisibility. As for the others, she didn’t know much about them. In fact, if Master Ling wants to escape from prison, does he still need to grab the police’s gun? The guns in his space ring are probably more than the arsenal of the entire Haibei Prison! Besides, if Master Ling wants to escape from prison, does he need to attack the prison guards? Use invisibility and wall penetration at will, and they will disappear without a trace. If Zhong Ziwen’s words were mentioned to Yingying, Yingying would give him a middle finger with a look of disdain, and give him two words by the way——! In fact, the live betting is because sister Chu’s previous judgment was correct, and Ling Da’s genius doctor is indeed cooperating with Zhong Ziwen’s actions! Even if he has people in Zhong Ziwen’s province, even if the warden of Haibei Prison is the father of Zhong Ziwen’s personal assistant, but his power in the southeast province can be compared with that of Ling Da’s miracle doctor? He can’t be a man city for the white way, let alone the underworld! As long as Master Ling is happy, after a phone call, the entire Zhong family will immediately disappear from this world! It’s just that Master Ling didn’t bother to use this method, and he didn’t encourage members of the Weilong Gang and the Li family to do so. The reason why he cooperates with Zhong Ziwen’s all tricks is to lure the enemy to go deep! Only in this way can Zhong Ziwen continue his plan steadily and triumphantly, which is to use his

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