Chapter 0315 [Cold Face Betway Angel Live Betting]

After arriving at the airport, people from the special police alliance of Interpol of M country came to pick up the plane secretly. Send someone to bet the game with “informal” Endorphina etiquette, just like picking up an ordinary friend, wearing casual clothes and using a private car to pick up Ling Feng. James David, the chief executive of Interpol LiveScore in the country M, still respects Betting, a Chinese youth who was able to solve the strange case of the missing child Parimatch by himself. After all, more than 30 children have disappeared in a row in M, and hundreds of children have disappeared in Africa. If such a shocking case is not solved earlier, it will not only bring great panic to people, but also cause people to panic. The image of the police in the minds of the people has plummeted. Recently, there have been a lot of comments criticizing the police of country M. Among them, Time magazine of country M published a commentary article with a high degree of freedom, titled “The easiest job in the world-the police of country M”. After reading this article, James David’s expression was not good. Even the president of country M was very concerned about this matter, and ordered BGaming Interpol to solve the case as soon as possible, to save those poor children and those who are in deep pain The relatives of the child. The president is easy to speak, and it is easy to give orders, as long as the upper lip touches the lower lip, but when the official moves his mouth, his subordinates will run away. This is the iron law of betting since ancient times, so the pressure on James David is not Small. Through the news media, he learned that the disappearance of Huaxia children had been solved, so he had the idea of ​​asking the Huaxia police for help

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