Chapter 0288 [The real madrid method taught by the Southern Witch Saint Poker]

Search novels: For the past few days, Ling Feng has drawn one or two pieces of talisman every night. The order of talisman levels from low to high is talisman slot text, talisman, talisman livescore, celestial talisman, and talisman evolution game. Now Ling Feng Having broken through to the second mid-stage realm, of course it is possible to draw talismans. „ɨThinker„ɨAlthough this took a lot of effort, in order to ensure Yingying’s safety and increase her chances of winning, Dr. Ling Dashen Paripesa still didn’t dare to take it lightly. It’s just that for several nights in succession, Ling Feng was meditating with Yingying in Yingying’s Bet9ja room. With the powerful Spirit Gathering Formation he newly arranged, the exhausted mind and vitality can be restored quickly. Moreover, Ling Feng sits in the formation, which makes the energy of the spirit-gathering formation more abundant, which is also of great benefit to Yingying Leap’s cultivation. The reason for this is that Ling Feng has not received any information from Mr. Ouyang, but even so, he does not want to be discovered by the people of the Nanwu Shengjiao so that he can act secretly, because BetWinner has the cover of the gathering spirit array, even if it is the Nanwu Shengjiao. No matter how strong a person’s spiritual consciousness is, they can only sense that Yingying’s room is full of spiritual power. There must be cultivators affiliated in the practice. As for how many cultivators, they will never be able to perceive it. It’s not a loss to prepare everything well, so it’s not a disadvantage to be prepared. After a few days, Ling Feng really received the message from Ouyang Tian. However, everything is not as simple as Ling Feng imagined. Because three suspicious middle-aged people entered the territory of Southeast Province, and these three people were accompanied by more than a dozen entourages. Among the few people, how many are members of the business group?

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