Dark Betway Night Tour Roulette Man Chapter 23 Witch’s Tears

Severe pain came from Marvin’s lower abdomen. He never expected that Hathaway suddenly regained the ability to move. And after she recovered, chelsa really beat her to BetWinner! Although this Asuk’s fist is a formless spell, it can be condensed for a long time and used repeatedly. Ma Wen took betting’s punch abruptly, and was thrown directly from the top of the mountain, and fell to the ground in embarrassment. It’s also fortunate that he is now a legendary professional, and his body is much stronger, otherwise such a fall, ordinary people would have to fall half to death. Even so, Marvin was stared at by this punch. He covered his stomach in pain, sucked in air-conditioning, and couldn’t even say a word. The data panel showed that three ribs were directly broken, and the internal bleeding was very serious! Fortunately, he has a good physique and various resistances, so he won’t be seriously injured or near death. If it were another rogue class, such as Shadow Thief or Pale Hand, I am afraid that this punch would directly hit the point of death. Hathaway’s ruthless attack on the Premier League was unexpected by Marvin. A figure suddenly appeared in front of Marvin. Hathaway looked indifferent, Asuk’s fist condensed again and aimed at Marvin. Ma Wen gritted Endorphina’s teeth and was about to say something, but the other party punched him again! This time, Marvin directly put on a defensive posture and forcibly withstood the punch! Clap clap! The two forearms were directly broken! Ma Evolution game Wen vomited blood wildly, and flew upside down like a kite with a broken string! Also hit two unlucky little trees along the way. Severe pain filled Marvin’s whole body. If he didn’t have fortitude and other specialties, he might have passed out long ago. Rao is so, he also

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