Chapter 0262 baccarat [Evolution game cooperation intention]

When Lao Jiang heard that Dr. Ling had mentioned the 200 million yuan, he had to seize this rare opportunity. Therefore, what he said was to protect the legal rights and interests of sports betting, flashscore, etc. of excellent companies, as if they were not excellent companies. As if he deserved to die, after all, isn’t it because of the two hundred million yuan? Although a character like him is already an out-and-out feudal official, but no matter what name is used to use two hundred million yuan, there must be a good reason for the old man at the time. Jiang is Slot Games bluntly saying that it was allocated to the Haitian Municipal Government. After all, the team of the Haitian Municipal Government has just been established, and the collapse of the Wu Group has brought extremely unfavorable factors to Haitian’s economy. It can be said that it is even worse. Haitian’s higher-level organization must give enough care and support… Livescore has a lot of official words, and of course others dare not ask more, so this money has become a subsidy to support Haitian’s construction. But the problem is that Parimatch Yang Ming has no He didn’t know about this matter, and Lao Jiang was also afraid that Yang Ming would leak a trap, and if other leaders in the province found out, it would be bad for him, so he found Yang Ming and told Yang Ming the reason of the incident, The two of them operated the entire procedure in a dark box. The whole procedure of the champions league, this Pragmatic play matter is just left for now. Now when Ling Feng mentioned the 200 million yuan in roulette, Lao Jiang definitely followed the snake and followed the stick. To help Ling Feng with drug poisoning, besides, for him, this matter is really just a matter of one sentence. The world is just like poker. In the eyes of ordinary people, it may be unattainable. In people’s eyes, Mozzartbet is not a big deal at all, it can be done with just one sentence, this is power, something that many people are obsessed with chasing Ling Feng, sister Chu and Luo Xueer

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