Chapter 0248 [Alone in danger]

After Ling Feng learned about the situation, he said on the phone: “Mr. Ouyang, I’m in the Yuanmingyuan Ruins Park. Hurry up and send a helicopter over. I’m going to Haitian immediately!” If poker wasn’t your little 22Bet looking for a sandalwood stick, and the sandalwood stick is now in the hands of the gangster, would you be so happy about livescore? He didn’t know that Ling Feng and Yingying had known each other for a long time, and they had a very good relationship. Whether it was aimed at Yingying herself or the sandalwood stick, Ling Feng couldn’t just sit idly by, but now with the assistance of the special service team, it should be much easier to deal with those two monsters should Parimatch! The helicopter arrived soon, and after Ling Feng got on the plane, he didn’t talk nonsense and went straight to the sea and sky. After the members of the special service team gathered, Ling Feng met Yu Hongwei in flashscore and learned about Surebet247’s deployment of Haitian. Although each key card was guarded by the special service team, Ling Feng was still not at ease because there were two people on the other side, and There are two of his henchmen in the country. If they split up, the premier league will make it more difficult to solve the case. “Group Leader Yu, if those two people in China contact you, please let me know immediately. This is my phone number.” “Yes, Chief Ling!” Yu Hongwei admired Ling Feng very much, and Ling Feng was also mysterious. People in the Lost Organization, of course they have to call Ling Feng the officer. Ling Feng didn’t care what he called him. Since the secret service team was so tightly guarded, it was expected that the two gangsters would be hard-pressed to fly. The most urgent thing to do was to find the gangster’s location with his spiritual sense and rescue Fang Yingying. So Ling Feng said thoughtfully: “It is not easy for 1xBet and the others to leave Haitian, but the scope of Haitian is so large.

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