Aoshi Xianyi Chapter 0BetWinner234 【Ling Feng’s Strong Slot Games】

Search novels: The fifty gunmen inside the Betway villa are the elite among the elite. Not only are their marksmanship very accurate, but their skills have also undergone special training. Even if jSportybetǐng’s Flying Tigers are here, FlashScore and the others can still deal with them! Now that these specially trained gunmen are condescending, and occupying an absolutely favorable position, it is no problem to deal with these dozens of raiders Spinmatic! Therefore, Chen Feiyu, who had been hit one after another in the past two days, issued an order to Guardian Zuo with an angry face and cruelty! At the same time, he personally pressed the police button of the headquarters! But what surprised him again was that Guardian Zuo stared straight at him, NetEnt seemed to have seen the most incredible thing in the world, affiliate, but he didn’t respond to Chen Feiyu’s order, “Damn it! Look at him!” What am I doing? Hurry up and organize those brothers, and we must kill them!” Chen Feiyu was slapped in the face, but what he didn’t expect was that Zuo Hufa was slapped to the ground by him, motionless, and Zuo Hufa’s eyes He still stared straight ahead, maintaining his previous expression, but this time he was looking at Sister Chu’s boots. Chen Feiyu immediately realized that Guardian Zuo was dead! Moreover, purple-black blood has begun to ooze through his eyes, proving that he died of poisoning! Then it only shows one result, that is, Slot Games Ling Feng has already reached the headquarters of the Blue Wolf Gang with a live score! It must be that Zuo Hu Slot Games Fa was tampered with by Ling Feng when he left the office to arrange the attack on the Water Margin Gang, and it was precisely at this time. The strange poison in him has

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