Ao Shi Xian Doctor Slot Games Chapter 0165 [Have a BGaming relationship with Ding Ling? 】

“Brother, this matter is not a trivial matter.” Looking at Ling Feng’s deep eyes, Song Lingli said frankly, “It is much bigger than my sister-in-law and us. I know you have certain skills, otherwise you will I won’t return to our compound without anyone noticing, but my brother advises you, don’t be impulsive, and you have to figure everything out before you talk.” “You’re right, it’s very sports for me to find out the truth Betting is easy,” Ling Feng said lightly, “Slot Games, so I don’t want to embarrass you, I won’t harm you, tell me your mobile phone number, I may need you in the future.” Ling Feng did not have a threatening tone, but Song Lingli Just like Wu Mei’s heart, since Ling Feng, the heavily guarded Song family compound, can come and go freely, it must be easy to punish their pair of sad men, Nairabet, so none of them dare to make a decision. Quickly told Ling Feng the phone number, “Xiaoshu is also your sister, since you Spinmatics like to come to this yard, you might as well take care of her for my sake,” Ling Feng said still indifferently, “As for my father’s death, I will I won’t involve any innocent people in the champions league, but you don’t have to baccarat tell anyone that I have been here in NetEnt, otherwise I will definitely make you regret it.” After finishing speaking, Master Ling passed away suddenly, only in A cloud of slightly moving air was left in the room. Song Lingli and Wu Mei were shocked by this scene for a long time before Endorphina remembered to turn off the lights. They hugged Leap together, I don’t know if it was comforting each other, or the temperature in the room suddenly became cold because of this scene just now… Ling Feng didn’t leave just like that.

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