Aoshi Immortal Doctor Chapter 015 Pragmatic play Chapter 2 livescore [Ling Feng’s plan]

If you like “” you can or share it with more book friends through the button below. Ling Feng took out the golden nanmu beads and the two smallest endorphina carving knives he bought from the black market last time, and began to carve the runes on the sports betting. He wanted to use these rare hardwoods to make a string of protection The skill bracelet was given to Chu Yanran, not for show, let alone to please girls, but to be an affiliate. He had a premonition that there was a turbulent undercurrent that would come at the very end during these seemingly calm days. The unexpected moment came roaring, Ding Ling and Chu Yanran’s relationship with Ling Feng was no different from that of relatives, and the opponents might continue to use these two weaknesses of their own to make a big fuss. .Novel Reading Network] It’s okay for Ding Ling to say, after all, she will leave Haitian in a few days to study at the Nairabet Police School in the southeast, and the people in the Li family don’t know what the relationship between herself and Ding Ling is, so Ding Ling Basically there is no danger. Moreover, after treating Ding Ling for high paralysis, Ling Feng discovered that Ding Ling’s meridians and bones are very unusual, and they are indeed a good material for practicing ancient martial arts. To Ding Ling. Over time, even if you don’t achieve much, you can greatly improve your self-protection ability. Only Chu Yanran is the most worrying one. In order to keep her safe, and to let himself do things in the Slot Games without any worries, Ling Feng must take care of some things la liga before leaving Haitian. Ling Feng has experienced the pain of losing a loved one, so in this life, he will not let any of his relatives or friends get hurt! If someone dares to offend, even in the remotest corners of the earth, Ling Feng will definitely make him pay a heavy price. No

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