Stars shine in the ninth BetWinner chapter of Night Ranger! 【Please order Pragmatic play】

Science Fiction City of Steel. The most prosperous city in the middle of the Southern Wizarding Union has already been turned into ruins. A large number of demonized wizards are entrenched here. In the initial stage of the catastrophe, they caused terrible damage to the surrounding buildings and humans. Walking on the streets of the city of steel, there is a depression. Most of the demonized wizards have gathered in the southern suburbs of la liga at this time. On a low wizard tower, the body of Mingfeng sat quietly. At this time, her brain communicates with the consciousness of tens of thousands of wizards in Parimatch, which is a terrible burden on her, after all, the consciousness energy of wizards far exceeds that of ordinary believers. However, there are advantages and disadvantages in everything, and the benefits of influencing a wizard are much greater than that of ordinary people. A fragment of the Destiny Betting Slate loomed on her chest, providing her will betting protection. Above her head, the huge phantom gradually solidified, and became stronger under the tempering of the divine fire. In the phantom, many inexplicable mantras appeared. These mantras were not perfect and very messy, but they were the foundation on which Mingfeng became a god! Once these runes and incantations are all in the final arrangement, it means that Mingfeng has completely controlled the priesthood of bet game magic! In the process of enshrining the gods, there are two most difficult places. First, influence enough believers. The second is to quickly master your priesthood. Generally speaking, legendary conferring gods will choose a priesthood that matches their own field. A legendary barbarian who insists on mastering the priesthood of the arts. It will be more painful. Although it is not completely impossible, the rumble tragedies of countless failures in the Third Epoch can be vividly remembered, reminding the latecomers. Mingfeng does not only have a tablet of fate in his hand.

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