Chapter 0111【Thank you for helping Sportybet, thank you Bet9ja】

Msports search for novels: Among the audience are of course students from Wu Pengyu’s class, and those few followers who are holding their feet. As soon as Wu Pengyu finished speaking, a fat man squeezed through the crowd and arrived at the gate of the science and technology building. But at first glance, the door was actually locked. So he stepped back another seven or eight meters, adjusted his viewing angle, and shouted: “Young Master Wu, this door is locked and I can’t get in! Tell Slot Games, how did you get up there?” “Damn it! How would I know?” Wu Pengyu almost fainted out of breath. After shouting frantically, although Wu Pengyu’s hands were bound, he twisted his body vigorously, intending to turn around from facing directly to facing away from the audience. However, he was a bit uncomfortable being hung up. After all, there was air all around him, so it was difficult to use his strength. However, he saw Young Master Wu kicking his feet wildly and twisting his body wildly. Under the rage, I used too much force, and turned around again… “Get out! Donna get out! Axie! If you take another man city video, I will destroy you! Axio!” Hahahahahahaha… If Wu Pengyu It’s better if he doesn’t open his mouth, he is not only doing ugly struggling movements, but also sneezing and screaming, this dynamic picture immediately made everyone laugh out loud! At this moment, every pore of Wu Pengyu’s affiliate swears to the heavens – if he can find out this champions league, he must make his life worse than death for the rest of his life! Betting! Right now in real madrid, the fat man has already lifted a brick from the flower bed, and is trying hard to smash the lock of the big wooden door, but the lock is about the same size as the brick in his hand, and there is no impact after a dozen bangs. how! So he shouted: “Wu Shao

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