Aoshi Immortal Doctor flashscore Chapter 009 Betway 7 [The heavenly king and I can’t do it either! 】

When Ling Feng and Chu Yanran arrived home, Mr. Ding’s body had already been placed in the outer room, Mr. Xing was also present, and Second Uncle Li next door was busy making arrangements. Mr. Ding has been alone for many years and has no relatives. There are only a few busy people inside and out, so he seems very deserted. Seeing Ling Feng and Chu Yanran coming, Ding Ling seemed to see her relatives, and she immediately burst into tears in her naked body! Chu Yanran was also crying bitterly. Seeing this scene, Ling Feng’s nose was sore. He knelt down and kowtowed four times to the old man, and then helped Ding Ling who got up and bowed to the dutiful son’s head. “Sister Ling, we are all very sad that grandpa is gone, but we can’t keep crying, we will break our bodies.” Ling Feng usually doesn’t talk much, but now he comforts Ding real madrid bell endlessly, “Look , Grandpa left while sleeping without any pain. This is a great blessing. You can see his expression is very serene, and there is a smile on his mouth. If you cry so much that hurts Endorphina’s heart, Grandpa will feel bad Ding Ling, who is plain and pear blossoms with rain, nodded frequently, not wanting everyone to worry about her anymore. When supporting Ding Ling, Ling Feng sent a stream of pure spiritual power into Ding Ling’s body without any trace, which made Ding Ling’s spirit better, the grief in his heart also weakened a little, and his mood stabilized down. In the evening, the villagers who went to work in the field also came back to Liverpool. After learning the news of Mr. Ding’s death one after another, they came to express their condolences. Although Mr. Ding has no relatives or relatives, he is very popular in the village. There are no men or women in every household who come to kowtow and worship. This is something to save face,

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