Chapter 0069 【Do your best to betway】

“Hehe, with this girl here, Qunli is much more relaxed,” Wei Yunsheng said with a smile, before changing the topic, “Ling Feng, since you don’t like to be restrained, I won’t force it. This is my business card. If you have anything to do, just call me chelsa.” Wei Yunsheng, who is scheming and calculating, of course knows the truth of retreating. After giving Ling Feng his business card, and getting Ling Feng’s contact information from Chen Weizhong, wouldn’t this back and forth slowly turn this kid into red? At that time, don’t worry if he doesn’t work for my medical poker society! Before the Pragmatic play, Li Meng generously gave Ling Feng an electric plane, saying that it was the latest boutique she had developed, and then told Ling Feng the specific gameplay, such as voice recording, voice conversion after rumble input , changing direction, flying and other operations, Ling Feng felt dizzy when he heard them, but fortunately he has divine consciousness, so he memorized them verbatim in his heart. “Brother, Ling Feng,” the popular video game girl stepped forward and patted Li Qunli and Ling Feng’s shoulders, “Li Meng fighter jets wish you two a smooth journey!” Mister’s souvenirs are all electric toys.” “Huh, that’s his masterpiece! Maybe he will use Betking when chasing his girlfriend in the future!” Talking about this topic, Chen Weizhong asked with a smile: “Xiaofeng, what do you think? I’m in my twenties, do you have a girlfriend?” Ling Feng frowned slightly, with a trace of sadness in his eyes, and said lightly, “My girlfriend…baccarat…is missing.” “Oh, I’m sorry!” Chen Wei Zhong apologized. If his daughter had not died, she would have been missing for three years. He has a deep understanding of the pain, and now he is talking about Ling Feng’s sadness.

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