Ao Shixian Doctor Premier League Chapter 0casino Slot055 [Magical runes! 】

More than 150 votes will be added! Just when everyone was shocked and hated Ling Spinmatic Feng’s actions, Pragmatic Play followed Ling Feng’s incantation, and the Tiangang Hemostatic Talisman suddenly made a soft sound as if it burst, and turned into a cloud of light. A golden halo shrouded that wound and the feeble Mozzartbet heart! Director Wang and the female doctor were very close to the injured, and they were standing opposite Ling Feng, so they could clearly see the process of the rune BGaming transformation! Seeing this scene, Director Wang and the female doctor were shocked! This completely subverted their previous cognition! They believe in Chinese medicine, and have never rejected Chinese medicine, but they scoff at feudal superstitions such as drawing amulets, chanting mantras, and dancing to the gods! However, the champions league, a superstitious activity deeply rooted in their hearts, actually happened right in front of their eyes! And under the cover of the golden light transformed by the rune, not only the wound, but also the slightly ruptured heart did not flow out a trace of blood! This is the Tiangang Hemostatic Talisman! If there is still time to reach Liverpool Peak, he will draw a few more Tiangang hemostatic talismans. After using them in this way, the talismans can induce natural spiritual power to protect the wounded, not only stop the bleeding, but also make the wound heal faster. Shocked, Director Wang and the female doctor took another two steps forward and watched Ling Feng’s operation intently. Now, they can’t help a little, because Ling Feng’s medical treatment method is something they have never heard of before. When he got closer, he could see more clearly that the bullet had indeed touched the heart. Although it didn’t penetrate through the hole, it fell into the myocardium by coincidence, and with the weak peristalsis of the heart, it had already caused a heart attack. A burst of heart! Director Wang

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