World Proud Immortal Doctor La Liga Chapter 0041 [Rumble Chu Xuan’s Attitude]

After Ling Feng heard the conversation between Chu Yanran and Song Xiaoshu in the coffee shop, he realized that Chu Yanran was indeed in trouble. He dare not say to what extent, but he will definitely try his best. Apart from Chu Yanran’s matter, Ling Feng certainly didn’t forget about the Kongming Stone, but let alone 20 million, even 20,000 is not something that Pragmatic Play can easily earn. The road of betting on stones will not work. Ling Feng thought about using what he had learned to prepare a prescription that is not very expensive but has high efficacy, and then apply for a personal patent from BetWinner. Auction out, you can get a considerable income. However, after searching the Internet for relevant information about applying for a patent, Ling Feng immediately ruled out this Betking plan. Although Ling Feng didn’t care about the several thousand yuan fee for applying for a national individual patent, after signing the agency contract, the medical patent is the fastest. It will take one year to get the patent certificate. After all, it needs to be verified after Bet9ja verification. In this way, even if Sportybet auctioned this patent for 10 billion, it would still not be able to quench the near thirst. There was really no other way, Ling Feng, with the mentality of giving it a try, registered an ID named Senior Sister Luo Xueer on the Huaxia Medical Forum, and then posted a post. Ling Feng still has three days left. Three days later, the exhibition part of the expo will end and he will enter the sales part. If he can’t get 20 million within three days, then if he wants to get this Kongming stone Liverpool, he will have to It took a lot of effort. The reason why the medical expenses are set at five parimatch million is that Ling Feng only wants to target those wealthy masters who are willing to sacrifice their lives.

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