World-Proud Pill God Chapter 5 NetEnt38champions league Chapter 2 The Peak of the Beginning

Fiction: ,,,,,,,,, Chen Xiang opened the lid of the Aoshi Sacred Stove, and controlled the Aoshi Sacred Stove to become bigger, like a bathtub. “Go in!” Chen Xiang took a deep breath, and said: “It will be very painful, you have to be mentally prepared.” You Wan nodded slightly, stepped into the bathtub with her legs, and felt a scorching chelsa , trembling slightly. There is no pain yet, it’s just hotter than BetWinner, she can still bear it, after she sat down, only her head was exposed, and then nodded to Chen Xiang. “Then I’ll start!” Chen Xiang said softly, starting to run the World-Defying Sacred Furnace. He wants to refine Youwan and Xinghui Divine Liquid together, which is equivalent to refining alchemy! Under the tempering of the Xinghui Divine Liquid, subtle changes took place in the graceful and beautiful face. The originally crystal-clear skin was like snow, but at this moment, under the painful distortion, it appeared more pure, as if emitting a faint starlight. Her facial features showed a trace of determination in the convulsions, and those bright eyes were even brighter at the moment, as if they contained the power of the universe. But all these are appearances, the real Spinmatic changes are happening inside her. In the boundless pain, she experienced the fragility of life, as well as her own tenacity. Her inner beauty is like a deeply buried star, and the beauty is awakened in this tempering, blooming a brighter light rumble. Youwan’s will was unwavering in the face of pain, she didn’t make any sound, she just gritted her teeth and buried the pain deeply in her heart. She knew that this was the price she had to pay for becoming stronger, and it was also what she had to bear in order to better protect herself and guard the ancient Nairabet wood. just when she was almost

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