Proud Mozzartbet Shidan God Online Casino Chapter 5368 Canglong Gugen

Chen Xiang doesn’t know how strong the Eighth Academy is now, but he feels that the ancient Xinghui wood has not been eroded by evil forces anymore, so with the help of the ancient Xinghui wood’s power, he will definitely be able to fight against the eight powerful elders of the Eighth Academy. a dozen. He originally planned to wait for Chu Lan and Shen Suqing, but they were still practicing, so he didn’t bother Real Madrid and them, but left the Xinghui Temple by himself and directly teleported outside. Under the Xinghui ancient tree, there are a total of eight main huge tree roots, which branch out in eight directions. Looking down on Paripesa from a high altitude, the eight main tree roots are like eight giant dragons. Chen Xiang closed his eyes, felt the eight tree roots through the star soul stone, and tried to understand these roots. The eight main tree roots spread under the ancient Xinghui tree. They are tall and strong, like eight black dragons winding around. These tree roots protrude from the ground, and the heights are hundreds of thousands of feet high and tens of thousands of feet wide, which is extremely majestic. These huge tree roots exude a faint starlight, like a brilliant galaxy, revealing the ancient and mysterious atmosphere of ancient Leap in the flow of starlight. The surface of the tree roots is covered with lines, as if the interlacing of the road of the stars, showing the supreme dignity of the ancient Xinghui wood. The roots of the trees are intertwined and entangled, and 22Bet forms a complex natural tunnel in Parimatch, and walking through it is like being in a maze. At the junction of the roots, the flashscore roots of Xinghui ancient wood are even more intertwined, forming a huge root hub. Standing on the root of the tree, Chen Xiang felt a deep power, as if it contained the infinite wisdom and power of Xinghui Ancient Tree. Under the roots of the tree, the terrain is unique, full of the mysterious power of Xinghui ancient wood. There is a sacred and solemn atmosphere between heaven and earth, which makes people feel infinite

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