Proud World Slot Gameschelsa Pill God Chapter 5354 Ziyou Xingjun

Chen Xiang was vigilant in his heart, he felt the faint vibration from the star soul stone, and decided to check it out. He knew that this powerful spatial force was probably related to the Nine Heavens Xuansong and the Dream Flower Sea. He got up in a hurry, controlled by the star soul stone, and opened a space channel! Chen Xiang walked through the passage of the space. He thought he could come to the edge of the Xinghui ancient wood space, and go outside to see the other two spaces, but the space wall of the Xinghui ancient wood is very strong, it seems to be for self-protection, so it is not allowed to open it directly . At this moment, Chen Xiang felt that the astral stone trembled more violently, as if it was guiding him in a certain direction. He controlled the star soul stone, and opened a space channel, which seems to be a mysterious dark space hidden in the real madrid of the ancient wood space of stars! The novel app that has been running stably for many years is comparable to the old version of the magic tool for chasing books, and the source-changing app used by old bookworms. Not long after, he came to this mysterious dark space! This space is very dark, and a large amount of the light released will be swallowed up. Even if Chen Xiang releases strong divine power to urge a strong light, the surroundings are still very dark. The shape of this space is like a long corridor, Chen Xiang walked to the end of the space and saw a figure. This figure is a middle-aged man, and he exudes a very powerful aura! When the middle-aged man saw Chen Xiang, he smiled slightly and said, “Are you the new Hall Master of Starlight Temple? You seem to be called Chen Xiang… I’ve heard your name before!” Chen Xiang was very vigilant and puzzled. , Surebet247 why does the other party know his name. He looked at the middle-aged man, and said in a deep voice: “I am Chen Xiang, but

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