Chapter 5326 la liga divine tree Spinmatic fruit king

“Suqing… what are you talking about?” Chu Lan was shocked at first, and then shouted: “How could this man be your father? He seems to be about the same age as you, and his cultivation level is far inferior to yours.” “Shen Suqing sighed, and said: “He is indeed my father! Sister Chu Lan, if you don’t believe me, I will sign a contract with you to prove it, and I will never lie to you!” Chu Lan looked at Chen Xiang seriously again, Then he looked at Shen Suqing again, and the more Spinmatic looked at them, the more they felt alike, “You look like siblings, not father and daughter at all.” Chen Xiang smiled awkwardly and said, “Miss Chulan, Suqing is indeed my daughter. It’s just that before she was born, I was trapped in one place, and it took more than 20,000 years for me to escape.” Chu Lan waved her hand and said, “Livescore is okay, I believe You guys! This girl Suqing never lies in front of me. If she lied, I can tell.” “Sister Chu Lan, I will leave my father’s affairs to you! Help me settle Xuanyuan Yuchen and Xuanyuan City Lord… …Thank you!” Shen Suqing said with a grin: “I’m just such a father, I will definitely let him be more honest in the future.” Chu Lan looked at Chen Xiang, snorted, and said: “You Pragmatic play is also really… You hurt Xuanyuan Yuchen a lot. Fortunately, Xuanyuan City Lord owes me a favor. I can make him stop pursuing this matter, but you must promise me that the next time you meet Xuanyuan Yu Chen, we must restrain ourselves.” Chen Xiang quickly responded: “Leap, I will definitely not be impulsive next time!” “Well, I’ll go find City Lord Xuanyuan right now.” After finishing speaking, Chu Lan hurriedly left Sportybet open. After Chu Lan left Betting, Chen Xiang took a deep breath and exclaimed: “It’s really fragrant! A faint fragrance

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