Chapter 5284 Strong Sportybet vs Surebet247

Fiction: ,,,,,,,,, Of course Shen Xiang wants to know, although Msports said that Shen Ningyi can provide a lot of information, but some information Shen Ningyi cannot provide, and must break into the enemy’s interior to grasp it. “Old skinny ghost, what important things do you know about la liga?” Chen Xiang said, “If you want to cooperate with me, you must first prove your worth by betting the game, otherwise you won’t be able to leave here alive today.” The old skinny ghost He is still quite afraid of Chen Xiang, because he can’t see through Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang still has a very powerful artifact in his hand. “They have a very strong general here! Although they are only at the 30th stage of the Absolute Beginning Realm, they are very powerful. Little brother, you should know that when the two armies are fighting, the 30th Stage of the Absolute Beginning Stage is very important.” said the old skinny ghost. Chen Xiang only found out not long ago, because people with too high a cultivation base were restricted when they obtained their talents in the early days. They had signed a contract with the Heavenly Dao in the early days, and they could not use the power of talents in the early days to bully creatures with low cultivation bases. People at the thirtieth stage of the Absolute Beginning Realm, if they go to fight, the Premier League will not be afraid of those whose cultivation base is higher than them, and those whose cultivation base is lower than them will not be able to beat them, so they are very powerful on the battlefield. Therefore, when fighting, both sides will send out strong enough Absolute Beginning Realm 30th level live betting, and people of this level are generally called warriors. On the battlefield, even if this kind of warrior doesn’t attack the livescore of a person with a low cultivation level, with their aura, they can still deter a large number of low cultivation fighters. “How good is that BGaming general?” Chen Xiang asked, regarding this information, Nairabet didn’t know whether Shen Ningyi had grasped it. “His rumble’s primordial talent and strong talent, through the primordial divine power, he can obtain very large

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