Night Ranger Chapter 100 Surebet247Leap Chapter 4 The Witch King

Previous chapter: Next chapter: Marvin’s sudden appearance, in Monica’s anticipated bet game! In an instant, a light green rune suddenly appeared on her body, surrounding Ma Wen! “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!” Monica sneered: “There is no legendary profession that can compete with a wizard!” NetEnt was not affected, and in 1xBet with Monica’s surprised face, the machete was finally chopped down! The first cut, the effect of breaking the demon did not show, but Ma Wen was not in a hurry. Let him get close, Mo baccarat Nika is already a dead end. The green halo just now is a slowing Premier League curse, but it’s a pity that Marvin has the legendary specialty Curse Contract! This Pragmatic Play specialty made Marvin extremely resistant to curses, and a curse of Monica’s level had no effect on him at all. In the next second, Monica’s witchcraft was not yet ready, and the desperate knife technique came like a storm! In an instant, Marvin made six stabs in a row! The magic-breaking effect was finally triggered continuously, and Aoba easily shattered the arcane barrier and the distortion field directly! The last knife hit 22Bet directly on Monica’s neck! Marvin made a backhand move, and Monica’s head fell to the ground! Her eyes were wide open, obviously she was dying. A legendary Slot Games wizard, Spinmatic, who held a spell that could destroy the world, was killed by Marvin in such a way. This scene was really shocking. Monica is dead. The alliance army completely collapsed. Under the power of the black dragon, everyone disarmed Paripesa. Start rout. Half an hour later, only piles of

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