real madrid Alchemy God Chapter 5241 Endorphina trek

“Brother Shen, let’s leave here first, and I’ll go gather my clone. Do you need to prepare anything?” Palace Master Xiaoqing asked. “Planting medicinal materials requires you to provide seedlings.” Chen Xiang said, “Give me as many seedlings as you want to plant.” “There will be!” Chen Xiang said. “Okay, let’s leave here first!” Palace Master Xiao Qing said, and brought Chen Xiang into the teleportation array, and teleported away. After returning to the Taichu Academy on the ground, Palace Mistress Xiaoqing immediately went to summon her avatar, and at the same time arranged for people to prepare medicine seedlings for him. Chen Xiang returned to his luxury suite. Palace Master Xiaoqing has no doubts about Shen Rumble Xiang Parimatch’s alchemy skills, but Chen Xiang said that he can help Taichu Xuegong regain control of the market of pills in the whole city, which makes Palace Master Xiaoqing somewhat suspicious. Because this is something that even the capable people around the Queen can’t do, but Chen Xiang said that he can do it. Although Shen Xiang also needs her help, if the Evolution game only provides clones, it is not difficult for her at all. . Palace Mistress Xiaoqing may lack everything, but she does not lack clones. In fact, when Chen Xiang entered the inner space of the Taurus star, sister Xiao Jing and Chen Xiang had already discussed the plan la liga. What needs to be done now is for Sister Xiaojing to improve the baccarat seedlings, and Pragmatic Play to cultivate the seedlings Endorphina to adapt to the environment of the inner space of stars and the temperature here. For other people, this is very difficult, and it is impossible to do it at all, because only the medicine seedling itself is strong enough, that kind of super magic medicine, which can naturally resist high temperature growth. It’s not like the Taibai Xuegong didn’t think about cultivating the seedlings of the improved medicine champions league the day after tomorrow, but it’s just that Liverpool is too difficult for them, and it takes a lot of time. The reason why Chen Xiang

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