Betking Alchemy God Chapter 5226Mozzartbet new and old alchemy

“What pig-killing knife?” Although Niu Chao is not a pig, he is a cow. In his rumble eyes, killing a pig is similar to killing a cow. “The butcher’s knife of time, haha! This little brother of 1xBet looks young and handsome, but his face will be as old as bark in a short time.” Those are all floating clouds… It is impossible for the heaven and earth in the early days to have such a thing against the sky. It is a natural law that life is washed away by the years and its oil is exhausted.” Chen Xiang didn’t take it seriously, and said: “There is always a way We practitioners are living betting against the sky, so what if we fight against the laws of nature? If we go with the flow, then stop practicing and do nothing, just like savages, resigning ourselves to fate.” The old woman just laughed Laughed, and then said: “I am shopkeeper An, you can call me Granny An, in charge of the Alchemy Hall of the Taichu Academy in the Holy City of the Golden Bull. Is this little golden bull selling its own horns?” “What little golden bull? Granny An, I am BetWinner’s master, and I am a master!” Niu Chao’s voice sounded like a young man, and he was indeed a big affiliate. “Hey, little Taurus, tell Granny An how old are you? If you sell horns, you have to estimate the price according to your age! Do you think you can fool me?” Granny An said with a smile. “I… baccarat… I am sixteen years old! Can I not accept apprentices at the age of sixteen? And now I want to sell the horns to him in exchange for the elixir to practice the Divine Orb of Absolute Beginning, NetEnt. Am I doing my job well as a Sportybet master?” Niu Chao shouted road. Chen Xiang was a little confused, he thought that Niu Chao was at least several hundred years old, but he didn’t expect it to be a sixteen-year-old calf.

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