Aoshi Danshen Chapter 5211 Star Mozzartbet People 22Bet Queen

Chen Xiang held Qingxing Rumble in his arms and watched with wide eyes. He felt that the peerless beauty in his arms was getting hotter and hotter. The light and heat radiating from her body had already begun to burn Chen Xiang’s skin. “My love, we… have to keep our distance from now on!” Qingxing wanted to ask Chen Xiang, but she still stopped, and could only murmur in the air. Chen Xiang really wanted to hug Paripesa and hug her, but because the light and heat were too strong, he had to let go. Qingxing floated to the middle of the Crystal Palace, suspended in the air, and the light and heat on his body became stronger and stronger. Even though she was still far away from Chen Xiang at this time, Chen Xiang’s skin began to turn red and scorched black. “Let’s go!” Qingxing was very heartbroken, and said to Chen Xiang: “I believe in you, you will definitely be able to fall in love with me again in the future.” “Qingxing, I… I’m really useless!” Chen Xiang couldn’t hold it anymore, even if With the help of Liu Dao Shen Jing and sister Xiao Jing, they still couldn’t stop the terrifying light and heat. Qingxing after the second star change, and she is the core of Liudaotian ancient star, so she is very powerful at the moment. Chen Xiang had no choice but to leave. After he came outside, sister Xiaojing immediately helped him heal his injuries. Lingxu saw Chen Xiang coming out from the outside, and said in surprise: “Master Betting, what’s going on inside? After you went in, why did you take off a layer of skin?” Chen Xiang was indeed burnt to the point that he took off a layer of skin, that kind of light and heat made him burn. He is still afraid that Qingxing himself has undergone a star change twice, and Leap may stay in the ancient star of Liudaotian forever. If he wanted to find Qingxing, he would have to do so unless he was strong enough to withstand that kind of light and heat. Shen Xiang sighed: “The ancient star of Liudaotian is undergoing a star change, and Miss Qingxing…she has undergone a star change for the second time.” Lingxu shouted in surprise: “She is going through a star change at the second time.”

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