Livescore Aoshidan God Pragmatic play Chapter 5196 The Great Calamity of the Four Domains

The old man of the Protoss clan also realized something in the shock, he looked at Chen Xiang at this moment, he only had Nairabet’s admiration and awe. “Reborn! If you want the stars to become living, flesh-and-blood creatures, you must reborn them from Endorphina!” The old man suddenly realized: “We have been wrong before, I just want to give everything to the stars… With a huge heart in the star, the superstar can transform into a body through the heart.” “Even if you succeed in Betting, this kind of star is not a living being in the true sense!” Chen Xiang said Pragmatic Play: “That is just transformed by you It’s just a giant puppet!” The old man nodded parimatch again and again, and said: “It’s true, it’s true…we were wrong before!” After finishing speaking, the space began to fluctuate around him. “Aren’t you going to finish watching?” Chen Xiang asked. “Don’t watch Betway, don’t watch it! I’m afraid that if I continue to watch it, it will only make me lost, and I don’t deserve to know the process at all!” After the old man finished speaking, he made a space jump and disappeared. “Brother, this old man is quite witty! Surebet247” Sister Xiaojing smiled and said, “When he goes back, he will definitely tell the Protoss what happened here, and I don’t know what will happen to the Protoss.” The change of the ancient star is indeed very fast, we need to pay attention at all times!” Chen Xiang said. The Great Tribulation is still going on, and it is getting stronger and stronger, showing no sign of weakening at all. “The ancient stars of the Six Paths will turn into living beings, which will further stimulate the strengthening of the Great Tribulation!” Sister Xiaojing said, “I hope that the ancient stars of the Betking Six Paths can survive, and there is nothing we can do in the face of the Great Tribulation of this intensity.” before just

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