Slot Games Chapter 5120 Oddly Born Roulette Bird Egg

Author: Silent Little Thief:,,,,,,,,,, the fastest update! Suzaku Tender Silk had laid eggs twice before, and two small pieces of Vermilion Pragmatic play Sparrow Tender Silk were in the hands of Liu Menger and Mozzatbet Shen Zhenyi respectively. “Then… can she still give birth now?” It can be seen from la liga that the Northern Queen really wants Suzaku’s tenderness, because she knows very well that this kind of artifact is difficult to refine. The reason why Liu Menger and the others were able to refine was mainly because they had been in contact with it before, and they had accumulated a lot of experience in this area. “It should be okay… But she wants to lay eggs, and I can’t control it!” Chen Xiang said: “Suzaku’s tenderness has been lost for a long time, and I haven’t given birth since I couldn’t find it. Egg!” Chen Xiang once discussed Nairabet with sister Xiaojing, and sister Xiaojing guessed that the reason why Suzaku Tender Silk laid eggs was mainly to continue, because she was worried that she would be destroyed at any time. And now following Chen Xiang, Suzaku’s tenderness is getting stronger and stronger, and it is impossible to be wiped out, so there is no need for this aspect of flashscore! “Then what should I do to make her lay eggs?” The Northern Empress looked at the golden but fiery red Suzaku tenderness in Chen Xiang’s hand, her eyes were full of envy. “I don’t know either, I have to study it at Slot Games, but… even if Suzaku Tenderness is laid, it will be very difficult for you to get her approval!” Chen Xiang spread his hands and said, “This artifact has its own thoughts And consciousness!” Sister Xiaojing once had a guess that if Suzaku wants to lay eggs, she also needs the combination of yin and yang. Her very evil idea is to let men and women practice together, and then Suzaku will live betting and entangle the two of them…

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