Betway Alchemy God Chapter 509la liga1 Soulless Man

Fortunately, Chen Xiang has a Tianxuan space, which can be released at any time, embedded Pragmatic Play into his vicinity, and then he can enter the Tianxuan space by himself! After Chen Xiang hid in Tianxuan’s space, he could still see everything outside and hear voices! After he disappeared, he heard a surprised sound from outside. “Where did that person go? There is no way he can escape, the space is sealed off by the formation, and no one can escape!” a man poker said in surprise. The woman in the white dress was suspended in the air, looked around, wanted to find Chen Xiang, but couldn’t find it no matter what. “I didn’t expect this idiot to have such ability!” The woman in the white skirt was very upset, because Bet9ja and the others needed a lot of baccarat to start that big formation. “Senior Sister, for that person to come here, he has extraordinary abilities! We should knock him down and start the Betking formation. Now it’s really a waste of money!” said a man. “We’ve always done this before, and we’ve never failed, but we didn’t expect someone to be able to escape with the formation activated!” The woman in the white dress said coldly, “Are you blaming me?” “Senior sister, I didn’t mean that! I just feel that Roulette is a pity!” The man hurriedly said: “After all, it’s not easy for someone to come here, and he has cultivated a purgatory body, what a pity betting!” Chen Xiang was secretly startled, this group of people could actually see Let him practice the body of purgatory! He was just very curious about what this group of people were going to do to him! “He should still be on the Tianyuan star, we will definitely catch him!” Another man said: “Sister, let’s move separately!” “You guys go! I’ll stay here! After you find it, immediately

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