World-defying Pill God Leap Chapter 5076 The Essence of Purgatory

Read the full text Chen Xiang now knows the function of the blood of purgatory, it is mainly to cultivate a powerful purgatory body, and then he can go to a very dangerous place! “Old Guan, have you cultivated the Slot Games purgatory body?” Chen Xiang asked roulette. Guan Shan and the others shook their heads! “Ah? You haven’t cultivated yet? Then you still give the blood of purgatory everywhere!” Chen Xiang was very puzzled. The blood of purgatory is so precious, they haven’t cultivated the body of purgatory yet, but they use it as a thank you gift. “That bit of purgatory blood is of little use to us!” Guan Shan smiled and said, “Betting we are now in the late premier league stage of cultivating the purgatory body, and have passed the stage that requires the purgatory blood!” Chen Xiang controlled The Mirror of the Six Paths has been far away from the group of people in the Temple of Time, and is now very safe. “Where did the blood of purgatory come from? Do you have a lot of blood from purgatory?” Chen Xiang asked curiously: “Then, from your forces, has anyone cultivated the body of purgatory?” The forces behind Guan Shan should also be very powerful. “Of course some people in our family have cultivated the body of purgatory, but not many… because not only the blood of purgatory is needed, but also the marrow of purgatory!” Guan Shan said: “The marrow of purgatory is even rarer, and there should be only the temple of time than Bet9ja More! These things are released from the ancient Purgatory of Heaven, and only those guys from the Temple of Time have the secrets in them, so they can get a lot of money!” “Then how did you get it?” Chen Xiang asked. “There happens to be a small crack where our family lives, and every once in a while, some blood from purgatory will be squeezed out! It’s like a crack in space, and then blood comes out!” Guan Shan said: “In Tiangu Lian

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