Proud Evolution game World Alchemy God Chapter 50 Endorphina 46 The Great Teleportation of the Star Field

“Is this how the stars were snatched away?” After seeing this method, Chen Xiang’s scalp also became numb. If you just do this to a star, then it’s nothing! And all the stars here are gone, which shows that this kind of power is very powerful! It was at almost the same real madrid time that the stars of the double space were taken away! Chen Xiang already had clues, although the space crack that appeared has been repaired, but after Chen Xiang used the Huo family’s space secret technique, he could clearly see the opening of the space crack. Although it seems to have healed, there are still traces, as long as there are traces, as long as it is not completely healed, then Chen Xiang can reopen the space crack! “The Huo family’s space secret technique has something!” Chen Xiang only learned a little bit, and he has gained such a big harvest, and there are still many sports betting content in the future. Just when Chen Xiang was about to open the crack in the space, he suddenly had a strange feeling that sent chills down his spine. “Who!” Chen Xiang shouted suddenly, because he could sense some powerful soul locking him. “It’s me, what’s the matter?” A cold voice came into Chen Xiang’s mind, it turned out to be Dayaozu’s voice. “Sister Dayaozu, it turned out to be you…Scare me!” Chen Xiang breathed a sigh of relief, “I thought I was being targeted by something dangerous again!” “The space you are in right now is very special! Why are you in this space?” Dayaozu asked. “Ah? Where is the special?” Chen Xiang hurriedly asked. Dayaozu was sealed in an empty room, and Chen Xiang couldn’t find her. “The space you are in seems to be connected to Dayitian and Tiangu time and space, Leap is just that the connecting channel has not been opened yet! Champions league”

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