Bet9ja Almighty God Chapter 503 champions league Chapter 1 Air Snake Domain

After reading the full text, Chen Xiang could tell at a glance that these people were already too old to be able to use Spinmatic, and they could live in a few days, but their strength was still there. In order to leave here, they would definitely help him with all their strength! Gong Baihe did not relax his vigilance, but stuck close to Chen Xiang’s side, protecting Chen Xiang at all times. “The Pragmatic play time in this space has flowed, and there will be creative power coming in!” Chen Xiang said: “This should alleviate your current situation!” , we can’t absorb the creation power!” “Why?” Chen Xiang frowned and said, “I can absorb the rumble to receive the creation power, you should be able to too?” “Because we are all time cultivators! The time here Although it has started to operate, the creative power cannot match ours…” Huo Yongfei said: “In other words, the creative power of Betway here has been transformed by time, and we need to absorb the creative power that has not been transformed by time It’s only betting!” Chen Xiang didn’t understand too much, and nodded with a vague understanding! They began to fly deeper, and according to Gong Baihe’s induction, there was a variable power over there! When flying in that direction, Huo Yongfei and the others looked solemn. “Senior Huo, is there anything scary in that direction? Have you been there before?” Chen Xiang asked. “We have never been to… baccarat… champions league because once we get close, we will be blocked by a force!” Huo Yongfei said: “There are indeed some very strong things over there!” “Can you beat Leap?” BGaming said It was Gong Baihe who asked. “If the number is small, we can fight well. If there are too many, we can only see the situation!” Huo Yong

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