Ao Shi Evolution game Pill God Chapter 4985 1xBet vision on the second floor

Chen Xiang was resting on a small island at this time, far away from the larger island, there was a pack of blood wolves on that big island, he couldn’t beat it now, so we had to stay away! If he is forced to use the magic weapon, then he will be out, so he must be careful. affiliate “Boss, it’s not that I look down on you. To be honest, even if there are ten of you, you may not be able to kill those blood wolves!” Ahu said. Chen Xiang and Ah Hu were roasting animal meat under a big tree in the Champions League on the small island. Anyway, Chen Xiang came to the second floor first, so he was not in a hurry to kill the sports betting beast. “I admit that the beasts on the second floor are indeed very strong, but you underestimate me too!” Chen Xiang took a bite of the beast meat and ate it deliciously. He didn’t look anxious at all. Ah Hu was very anxious now, even though he was eating very delicious animal meat, he still didn’t feel any taste. He already had a great shadow over the group of blood wolves, and when he closed his eyes, the group of blood premier league wolves were besieging him. Ah Hu is also afraid of the blood wolves based on his instinct. This is a self-protection measure that allows him to run very fast after encountering the blood wolves. “Boss, don’t you still want to hunt blood wolves? You just saw that blood wolves are a whole man city, and they are a pack of wolves!” Otherwise, it will be very difficult to win!” “You can lure the blood wolves who are alone, and then ambush and kill them!” Chen Xiang said: “But it will be more difficult to operate!” “Boss, don’t even think about it! Don’t look at those wolves They can’t fly, but they are fast, and they can rush over to support at any time!” Ahu shook his head and said, “You also

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