World-defying Dan God Endorphina Chapter 4real madrid970 Communication across time and space

Read the full text of the premier league because it is too weak, so sister Xiaojing can’t sense it! Chen Xiang looked at the petals shimmering with light, and fell into deep thought, he also found it very inconceivable. Casino Slot logically said that sister Xiaojing’s perception is stronger, but she didn’t notice it, so with his soul perception, he definitely couldn’t find it either. However, Paripesa has this kind of intuition, and it is very strong, which shows that he has come into contact with the media, so he has such a strong intuition! “Mirror girl, have I been exposed to anything else during this time?” Chen Xiang asked Slot Games: “I suspect that it is because of something I have been exposed to that caused me to be followed by this soul, and it also caused me This kind of induction!” “No? If you have touched it, then I must have touched it too!” Sister Xiaojing said: “But I didn’t find anything! bet game” Chen Xiang walked over and placed the missing flower in the hall Then, he shouted: “If you don’t mean me badly, let the Missing Flower flash ten times!” After that, Chen Xiang and Xiaojing’s younger sister all stared at the Missing Flower. Soon, one of the petals flickered, and after ten times of rhythmic flickering, it stopped flickering. The poker soul palm Endorphina held a good distance, knowing that getting close to the missing flower would make the petals of the champions league glow, and communicated with Chen Xiang simply in this way. “Are you trapped somewhere? If so, flash five times!” Chen Xiang looked around and shouted again. Soon, the petals of Missing Flower flashed five more times! Chen Xiang was very surprised, he was just guessing, but he didn’t expect that the other party was actually trapped by NetEnt! “Brother, it should be trapped in a very strange space!” Xiao

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