Dark Endorphina Night Ranger Chapter 75 Cold Demon Cave Bet Game Cave

flashscore text Marvin didn’t know what the professor said in the letter. But no matter what, he was still very grateful to the Red Copper Dragon. A recluse like swordsman Conn usually rarely teaches swordsmanship to others. At least in the games of the previous life, you need to do a lot of cumbersome tasks before you can get the right to practice a sword technique. Slot Games is in Feinan. Martial arts are the same as skills. It is also a path of practice, but the conditions are more stringent, so the roulette is not very popular. The current Marvin really needs a set of overall knife skills, integrating all his tricks and techniques into one. The red copper dragon is extremely wise. He has lived for an unknown number of years in the human world. He has seen many people like Marvin. He knows that Conn has a way to solve the problems Marvin is facing. And this named sword technique was created by Kang En, a great swordsman, for a strong man like Marvin who can only kill people. Yes, although it is called a master of swordsmanship, in a strict sense, Kangen Msports has already entered the level of a master man city, whether it is the level of knife control or the level of knife skills. This level is two levels higher than Marvin’s current la liga scimitar control level. Above the master is the master, and after that is the great master. Others said that Marvin didn’t understand knives, so he might not be qualified; but when Conn said so, Marvin accepted it humbly. For Marvin, advancing to the Legendary level is of course the most important thing, but advancing to the BetWinner level is one of the means to improve one’s strength just like practicing swordsmanship. If you can successfully cultivate a powerful sword technique. Even in the legendary realm, it can exert a terrifying effect. This point, Kang En once hacked to death in his previous life

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