The Alchemy God Surebet247Slot Games Chapter 4940 The Brave Martyr

Feng Chen Leap’s hotel is not small, it is hundreds of feet high, and it is also huge like Nairabet, and the hotel is in the middle of a livescore park! After Chen Xiang got off the big car, Feng Chen led them to Betting to a mansion behind the manor, so it could be seen that it was Feng Chen’s residence. At this time, Chen Xiang also found out that Lu Ye was gone. That thin young man with a long face always looked at people with malicious eyes, so the Evolution game Chen Xiang had an impression of that Lu Ye. very deep. “Brother Feng, does this hotel belong to you?” Chen Xiang exclaimed, “It’s too big!” “It’s not entirely mine!” Feng Chen shook his head and smiled, “There are several bosses, and I’m just one of them.” The youngest one!” Chen Xiang nodded. “Mr. Shen, you are new to Anlong City, and you don’t know much about many things! If you don’t dislike it, you can stay here temporarily!” Feng Chen pointed to the small building in front of him, and said la liga: “That is arranged for Mr. Shen is here!” “Brother Feng, I don’t understand flashscore, I am not related to you, but you are so enthusiastic about me! To be honest, it is impossible for me not to be vigilant!” Shen Xiang shook his head , said. “Brother Shen is right. If you don’t explain this matter, Brother Shen may not live in a safe place!” Feng Chen laughed and said, “To tell the truth, when Feng was on the street today, when he saw Brother Shen, he immediately I feel that my brother is extraordinary, so I followed you all night, please forgive me!” “Brother Feng, why is this?” Chen Xiang pretended to be panicked. “Brother, don’t panic, Feng Mou just wants to make friends, especially young talents like my brother who have come out of the world!” Feng Chen said with a smile: “If you don’t believe it, there are more than a hundred small houses here, all of which are owned by me, Feng Chen.” a friend

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