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Author: Silent Little Thief:,,,,,,,, champions league,, the fastest update! Chen Xiang didn’t really hope that Mei Tianyao would meet Guo Lingxue now, on the one hand, he was worried that some uncontrollable things would happen after they met. In addition, Chen Xiang was afraid that Guo Lingxue would ask him to help if he knew that he helped Mei Tianyao become stronger. It’s not that Chen Xiang was unwilling, but he just felt that after helping Guo Lingxue, he didn’t get a corresponding reward. Mei Tianyao helped him obtain many ancestral sources of creation, that’s why Chen Xiang helped her, and Guo Lingxue was a very principled person, and she refused to be Chen Xiang’s toolman. Mei Tianyao was used by Xuan Zu before, and this is why she is willing to bet to be used in order to gain benefits, and now she is willing to be Chen Xiang’s tool person because of the benefits. Mei Tianyao naturally didn’t know Chen Xiang’s little thoughts, she just thought that Chen Xiang was in a hurry to go to other different universes to collect the ancestral source of creation. “Brother Shen, don’t worry, I’ll follow you as soon as I meet Guo Lingxue Paripesa Mozzartbet!” Mei Tianyao said with a giggle. “Tell me honestly, your real purpose for seeing Guo Lingxue!” Chen Xiang asked. “It’s nothing, I just want to meet her, and I don’t necessarily have to fight her!” Mei Tianyao smiled slyly, “We will see the situation at that time! Besides, even if I want to fight her, she will You don’t necessarily want to play Nairabet with me, do you?” “Well, I’ve already contacted her!” Chen Xiang curled his lips and said, “If she doesn’t want to come, then it’s none of my business!” Chen Xiang He did contact Guo Lingxue and told her that Mei Tianyao wanted to meet BetWinner with her. Guo Lingxue is traveling in the Aoshi Universe, although she is not familiar with the Aoshi Universe, but

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