World-defying Alchemy God Chapter 4Mozzartbet836 Different Universe Heaven Paripesa Lei

Novel: ,,,,,,,,, The person who flew over suddenly is very powerful, they just heard that person’s angry curse, and they felt an extremely terrifying aura enveloped them! Then, there was a thunderclap, and countless lightnings suddenly fell, covering Chen Xiang and the Taoist sages! The reaction of the Divine Mirror of Six Paths was also very fast, and it quickly hovered over Chen Xiang and the others to block the falling lightning! However, that kind of lightning came from all directions, and the Divine Mirror of Six Paths also released a shield to protect Chen Xiang and the Daoist Sage! However, that shield only lasted for a short time before it was broken by the berserk lightning. Chen Xiang and Betking Taoist Sage could only resist with their own strength! The violent thunder and lightning struck Bet9ja on them, making their bodies numb and painful. The thunder and lightning entered their bodies, as if they were going to tear their bodies apart! Fortunately, their physical bodies are very strong, and their flashscores were not seriously injured. Betting and Liudaoshenjing are now also performing Liudao Taiji Formation to arouse the thunder and lightning around them, so that all the thunder and lightning hit the Liudaoshenjing! “Be careful with that guy…” Chen Xiang shouted anxiously, but it was too late, because Nairabet was suddenly punched through from the back of the Taoist Sage’s abdomen. The person who ran out from the ancestral source of the world was already standing behind the sage who created the Tao. He was a sturdy middle-aged man. His skin was gray and white, and his body was covered with gray scales. The stiff ones of the champions league become scaly. Chen Xiang immediately released the Suzaku’s tender silk, and it floated over in an instant, binding that person, allowing him to save the Taoist sage! This Zuyuan person can easily kill the Taoist sage, if Chen Xiang does not tie up this person, the creation

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