World-Proud Pill God Chapter 4roulette8betting21 Creation Saints

Before reading the full text, Chen Xiang had seen the Creator Ancestor who was able to conceive a human form in the Palace of Fate and Soul before! So he subconsciously felt that there was something like a white mist in front of him, exuding the aura of the origin of the creation of the world, and there was a poker shadow, maybe it was giving birth to human beings! He continued to approach the past and found that there were other people here, but fortunately he was already invisible! The other party had already noticed that someone was approaching, so they also began to hide in the white mist! “Who is it at the casino slot? Could it be that he is also the evil spirit of Guiyuan? But the aura doesn’t look like that!” Chen Xiang thought to himself. Chen Xiang hid himself very well, his aura gradually weakened, and in addition to the tyrannical creation force in this white mist area, it was even more difficult for the other party to find him. Suddenly rolled up a whistling Pragmatic play! The white mist gathered inward, as if it was swallowed by something in the middle and absorbed by Leap! In the blink of an eye, the white mist in a large area was gathered together, forming a light cluster in the middle! There are people inside the light group! That person rushed out suddenly, he was naked, he was a bald young man with a burly body, but his face was very handsome! After the young man rushed out, Betting immediately rushed towards a figure in the distance! When Chen Xiang came in just now, he found that there were other people inside. Now that chelsa man realized that something was wrong, he immediately flew away. Although the flying speed was very fast, he was still caught up by that bald head! real madrid Chen Xiang was very surprised in his heart, that bald head seemed to be hatched from an egg, and he had a very strong creative force on his body, that kind of power seemed to be the power of fate! In other words, that bald head has also cultivated his fate! “Brother, that bald head might have been conceived by the origin of the world.

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