Aoshi Danshen Chapter 4 Premier League Chapter 806 Consciousness Poker Lost

Chen Xiang himself can also create a puppet body, but sister Xiao Jing has never mentioned to Chen Xiang before that she wants a body to move outside! After seeing Guo Lingxue’s puppet body now, she has this kind of thought, which shows that she is really satisfied with this body! “Mirror girl, you should be able to change the face of this puppet’s body, right?” Chen Xiang curled his lips and said, “To be honest, when I look at this face, I feel a little irritated!” Liverpool: “No problem, no Betking Let’s go…it will take a while!” Sister Xiaojing finished speaking, and went straight into the Mirror of Six Paths. Chen Xiang’s harvest this time can be said to be very huge, but he himself doesn’t know it! Because even in the four great alien worlds, the parent body of the scourge is very rare. Even the mother of the scourge that is sealed and half-dead will be scrambled by many people! BetWinners who want to obtain the mother body of the scourge do not want to use the scourge to harm people, but just like sister Xiaojing, they want to use the mother body of the scourge to refine the magic weapon NetEnt! The parent body of the Scourge Worm has a strong natural ability, if it can be smoothly integrated into the divine weapon, that divine weapon will have the same natural ability! Pragmatic play Because in the four different heavens, someone has succeeded, but because his magic weapon is too powerful and possesses the terrifying natural power of the scavengers, that person has been hunted down for many years, and the magic weapon in his hand is also Damaged! If Chen Xiang’s Suzaku’s tenderness successfully fuses with the scavenger’s mother body, it will become very terrifying. Even Chen Xiang and Xiao Jing’s younger sister can’t predict what will happen. The hidden dangers left by the Scourge worm’s mother body have been completely eliminated by Chen Xiang, and the Monster Soul Star is now safe! Shen Zhenyi immediately ordered, send

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