The World-Proud Spinmatic Pill God Chapter 47 sports betting Chapter 76 Demon Soul Tianyue

Chen Xiang thought that Shen Zhenyi didn’t know about the space-time nightmare, but he didn’t expect to know so much, and he didn’t know where she heard about it. Shen Zhenyi only returned to the Demon Soul Star Realm later, the Evolution game, she, the Demon Soul Queen, left the Demon Soul Star Domain for a long time, and she still couldn’t find a way to help the Demon Soul Queen escape from the seal! She also couldn’t let go of the Demon Soul Nvguo, so she ran back, and she also followed Chen Xiang for a period of time. After being forebet, she was greatly influenced by Chen Xiang, so she became very strong and had all kinds of thinking. Big change chelsa. She and the lord of the Tianmu Holy Palace are sisters. The BGaming lord used to be a woman Chen Xiang knew many years ago, named Han Jingxuan. Big impact! “Zhenyi, how can I find you? Where is your demon soul country? Are you in the demon soul country?” Chen Xiang asked: “The demon soul star field is too big, I lost my way!” “What shape of nebula can you see?” Shen Zhenyi asked. Champions league “I flew to the bull’s head-shaped nebula before, and encountered too many space-time nightmares, so I ran away!” Chen Xiang said. Shen Zhenyi was able to communicate with Chen Xiang through the communication talisman, and it was also because the space-time nightmare weakened the space wall. “That’s right! There are twelve shapes of nebulae in the Monster Soul Starfield, all of which are very dangerous!” Shen Zhenyi said: “The nebulae correspond to the twelve zodiac signs, and basically all have space-time nightmares!” “Ah? Then Where is the dragon-shaped nebula? Is it dangerous?” Chen Xiang hurriedly asked, because Little Xingchen, where the Shen family was, flew over there. “It’s also very dangerous over there!” Shen Zhenyi said, “However,

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