Proud roulette Shidan God Chapter 47bet game61 Gan Clan Tiger Emperor

For these years, the Fate Soul Magic Eagle has been a fearsome existence in the world-defying universe! Every time it is dispatched, it is a large group, and there is no power poker that can resist the soul magic eagle! What’s more, the Destiny Soul Demon Eagle is also called the Star Field Locust! As long as the star field Slot Games is swept aside by these things, that star field is basically finished and will become lifeless! “Could it be that the star field of the Qian people has been destroyed by these things?” Chen Xiang remembered that Guan Yiyue said before that they went to the Tiankun star field after their star field was attacked. Chen Xiang was wondering at the time, why such a large star field was attacked? Now that he saw the Fate Soul Demon Eagle, he understood! However, no matter how strong the Fate Soul Demon Eagle is, it is now suppressed by Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang just released his own blood. After all, it is the blood of the universe, and every drop is very terrifying! His blood turns into a large number of red dragons, fast and powerful, although the number is not as large as the roulette eagle, but they are extremely terrifying in terms of attack and killing, and can fight dozens of them! Faced with this sudden killing of the red dragon, the four clans of yin, yang, good and evil were also stunned! Because this time they asked the Palace of Fate and Soul to send the Fate and Soul Demon Falcon for support, and they also knew the horror of the Fate and Soul Falcon very well! I thought that this time the affiliate would be able to take down the Qian clan, and then Parimatch would go and take down the Kun clan! Unexpectedly, the forebet suddenly killed a large number of golden and red fire dragons, blocking a large number of Fate Soul Magic Eagles! There is a large group of people who control Liverpool’s soul demon BGaming Eagle, all of whom are from the Soul Palace. Their original goal is to rush into the fleet, destroy the Nairabet of the Gan clan, and collect the souls of the Gan clan to sacrifice! However, the current situation is that a large number of Fate Soul Demon Eagles have no

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