Be proud of the world Surebet247 Pill God Chapter Msports4701 Looking for a backer

“Can the Master over Wanzhou Mountain come to the Wutian Realm to make trouble?” Chen Xiang said: “I heard that people in the Wutian Realm are very disgusted with the guy over Wanzhou Mountain!” “Yes That’s not bad, but Surebet247 is the Supreme Master after all! There are billions of Betway people in Wanzhou Mountain and Wutian Realm, and only 100 people from 1xBet can become the Supreme Master! The Supreme Master has a lot of resources and various contacts!” said a killer. “My son, you are an Evolution game. I don’t know. Although our Wutian Realm has conflicts with Wanzhou Mountain, we also have communication!” Another killer whispered: “There is a gap between Wutian Realm and Wanzhou Mountain. There are many channels for them, and they have been communicating in secret!” Chen Xiang also knew this, he and Xie Wuxin came through those channels. He guessed before that there must be many passages like this. “It seems that Bai Ling BGaming Master is going to attack me soon!” Chen Xiang was not too worried, the Skyless Domain was so big, if he really wanted to hide, it would be very difficult for others to find him. “Actually, Wanzhou Mountain has also penetrated into our Wutian Realm! Wutian Realm hides their people.” A killer la liga said: “Of course, our Wutian Realm also sent people to hide in their Wanzhou Mountain “Big brothers, please keep today’s matter a secret!” Chen Xiang said: “We will have a chance to cooperate again in the future! Baccarat” “It’s easy to talk!” “Little brother, then you should be more careful betting game!” “Happy cooperation !” The four major killers said a few words of courtesy, and then left in a hurry, it was obvious that they didn’t want to continue to get involved in the future. They all know that Chen Xiang is very rich, and the quality of the Jiuxuanyuan pill in his hand is also very good, so he must be a very high-quality customer.

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