Aoshidan man city god Chapter 4686 BGaming allegiance

Seeing Director Li’s reaction like this, Chen Xiang couldn’t help laughing heartily, he didn’t expect to scare Director Li into a cowardly dog. But since this is the case, then he can only change the previous plan! “You’re laughing la liga, you’re about to die, do you know?” Director Li scolded angrily, “When the young sect master comes, we’re doomed! It’s all about you, the unlucky idiot, who put the Bad luck brought this here, otherwise I wouldn’t be so miserable!” Pragmatic play “Director Li, I remember you told your housekeeper before that you were going to vacate the warehouse in Xuanyun District, and you said you would wait for the young sect master If the fleet comes, the affiliates will be able to move in about seven days!” Chen Xiang laughed and said: “At that time, you will create evidence to frame me and let me take the blame, and you will be able to swallow all the crystal pearl soul food for yourself. Isn’t it?” Hearing Chen Xiang’s words, Director Li was dumbfounded, and his legs trembled slightly! My own plan was known to this idiot manager, why? Could it be that the granary was emptied by this idiot manager? Director Li’s heart is like the waves of Paripesa and the sea of ​​Parimatch! “I don’t want to take the blame, so I temporarily hid the crystal pearl soul food! When Xuanyunmen sends people over for investigation, I can have an explanation, don’t I?” Chen Xiang smiled and said: “Director Li, do you think I Is there anything wrong with doing this?” Director Li was frightened into a fool! How did you evacuate hundreds of huge warehouses overnight without anyone finding out? How much power does this idiot manager in front of me have? Why pretend to be a steward? In Director Li’s eyes, even the head of Xuanyunmen can’t do all of this! He’s also a well-informed man who knows very well who can do this kind of thing

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