World Proud Pill God Chapter 4 liverpool 6forebet 71 Sword Master

Read the full text, “What’s the matter? Sword God Guard, why did he appear here?” Chen Xiang couldn’t figure it out. Although Xie Wuxin was down and out, his strength was still stronger than that of a single sage. Jian Shenwei is alone, how dare he come to Xie Wuxin, isn’t this Paripesa courting death? Chen Xiang looked at that abyss, and suddenly felt something was wrong. “Sword God Guard used to be Xie Wuxin’s subordinate, now that Xie Wuxin sees this guy, he should kill him right away! Why is Sword God Guard’s breath still there?” After Chen Xiang released his consciousness into the abyss, Can sense Jian Shenwei’s very active breath, indicating that Jian Shenwei is still alive Nairabet. “No, Xie Wuxin, this idiot, but Leap can be tricked!” Chen Xiang immediately speeded up, and flew into the deep abyss with his affiliate and the magic mirror of six paths. “Brother, what’s the matter?” Sister Xiaojing asked hurriedly when she felt that the Magic Mirror of Six Paths was accelerating suddenly. Only when it was very urgent, would Chen Xiang increase the speed of the Six Paths Mirror to such a high level. “Xie Wuxin was led into the abyss by the sword god guard man city… Maybe there is an ambush inside! I have to go and see quickly!” Chen Xiang hoped that Xie Wuxin would be fine, so that he could stay in Wanzhou through Xie Wuxin Mountain. If Xie Wuxin died, it would be inconvenient for him to stay in Wanzhou Mountain. Chen Xiang quickly entered the depths of the abyss. Looking down from a high altitude, the abyss is pitch-black, mainly because the upper layer of the abyss is filled with thick black mist. And after passing through the layer of black fog, there is an off-white light below, although it is not particularly bright, but there is enough light. “It’s not right!” Sister Xiaojing suddenly said, “Brother, when you passed through that layer of black mist,

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