Chapter 4656 The role of fate

“I thought Wanzhou Mountain was just a mountain, so the mountain is just an appearance!” Chen Xiang is now very worried about Aoshi Universe. Since the interior of Real Madrid Wanzhou Mountain is so huge, it is definitely not a problem to accommodate a world-defying universe, which means that Wanzhou Mountain can swallow the world-defying universe. “Lord Fallen Heart, Mozzartbet, how many universes are there in Wanzhou Mountain?” Chen Xiang asked. “I don’t know! Wanzhou Mountain is too big, and its operation is very complicated. There are many forces involved! I am only in charge of managing a small part!” Lord Fallen Heart said: “No one can figure out how big Wanzhou Mountain is. , this mountain is expanding all the time!” “Then what about the blood crystal mountain from poker before? Is there room inside?” Chen Xiang asked. “No, that mountain is just a small part of the debris that fell from Wanzhou Mountain! Then give it to me and put it outside to test the sages who come to Spinmatic! The sages who pass the test will finally arrive at Wanzhou Mountain. Then it was accepted by the Holy Lord of Heavenly Virtue.” said the Holy Lord of Fallen Heart. “That is to say, you will accept the sages who can’t resist the temptation of the huge mountain of blood crystal Parimatch, right? chelsa” Chen Xiang suddenly understood why the Fallen Heart Lord hates the Heavenly Sage Lord so much. “That’s right!” Sage Fallen Heart sighed: “Sages Yitian and the others are too useless, they didn’t drag the Sages who created the Dao into the water!” After finishing speaking, he looked at Chen Xiang, because the Sages Yitian and the others said that they were all Shen Xiang. Xiang obstructed it. He Endorphina didn’t ask Chen Xiang about the specific process, although he was very curious about it, he didn’t want to know! “I remember, when Yitian Shengxian and the others came to Wanzhou Msports Mountain before Nairabet, they were going to meet the Tianxian Holy Master! Yitian Shengxian and the others knew the Tianxian Holy Master?” Chen Xiang frowned: “At that time

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