Proud man city Shidan Slot Games God Chapter 4641 Red Devil Lei Zun

Cailian and the Taoist sages are desperately digging for blood crystals. They all want to break through the territory of the giant blood crystal mountain as soon as possible, because they are very afraid of the red creation force, and they are afraid that they will be swallowed by the red creation force! Especially since they are on the huge blood crystal mountain in Liverpool at this time, they can feel the horror of the red creation force even more. “Senior, are you alright?” Chen Xiang asked when he saw the painful expression on the Taoist Sage’s face. He is sitting on the Six Paths Divine Mirror right now, absorbing blood crystals to strengthen the Six Paths Divine Mirror and the Aoshi Sportybet Divine Stove! “I’m fine, I can hold on!” 1xBet Daoist Sage closed his eyes tightly, and then said, as if he was enduring something. “Previous generation, you are la liga, don’t you feel the call of the red creation force?” Cailian who was not far away threw a large blood crystal to the magic mirror of six paths, and then asked. “Yes! I’m trying to resist that kind of ghost!” Daoist Sage said: “Trust me, I will be able to block it!” No wonder he put the protective gear refined by Chen Xiang on his head, it turned out that he had been betting all along Game is seduced by chelsa to red Genesis. “Could it be that the things I refined are useless? It shouldn’t be!” Chen Xiang frowned. “It’s useful and useful. If it weren’t for you, I would have been defeated long ago!” The Taoist sage sighed: “No way, I have a strong creative force in my body. My soul and body have been destroyed for so many years. They all grew up because of the power of creation! This is my own inner demon!” “Because Lian’er practiced the Tianmu Wanshi Jue, her current body is not what it used to be, and her soul has been split many times, so she The impact is very small!” The Daoist Sage continued to explain. Cailian’s current body was refined by Chen Xiang

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