Aoshi Danshen Chapter 4626 Evolution game man city tragic clone

Chen Xiang also wanted to see Cailian Chelsa as soon as possible, and wanted to know what she was doing here. After all, Nanzhuolin is a very dangerous place to live in. If she comes in by herself, she must be in danger! And if she didn’t guard the magic medicine treasure city, Chen Xiang wouldn’t be at ease. There is also the matter about Fang Qing, if Fang Qing is really Cailian’s avatar, Chen Xiang doesn’t know what to say. Fang Qing is now in Liverpool with Qingyue and a dozen of them, and pulls their souls into her illusion of lost souls. According to what Chen Xiang said, they work together to respond to the call from the depths of their souls call! What Chen Xiang is more worried about now is, after Fang Qing and the others know that they are clones, will they not be able to accept this kind of thing, and then do some more dangerous things! He hoped that when the time comes, he can have a good communication with Cailian and let her handle this matter properly! “Brother, how many clones of the Tianmu sages do you have? You said that the sisters of Baihua Tiandi, do you have any clones of the Tianmu sages? You, Lian BGaming, are really… you have created so many clones, and it’s not good for yourself. It doesn’t seem to be any good!” Sister Xiaojing smiled and said: “I should not be her avatar!” “I don’t know! It seems that she needs the power of these avatars very much, and I don’t know what happened to her. The situation! To be honest, I am a little worried about her!” Chen Xiang said: “Although she is a sage of the Heavenly Mother, and she was once the Nine-colored Lotus Emperor, but she gives me the feeling that she is not a particularly reliable Endorphina! “There shouldn’t be anything wrong. After all, she has lived for many years! If all goes well, you will be able to see her soon!” Sister Xiaojing said. “Mirror girl, if

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